Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 24: Letter to the Person Who Gave You Your Favorite Memory

Clearly I am failing the 30 Day Letter Challenge, but whatever. This is for me anyway and I'll at least try to finish it.

Dear Bryan,

I had a lot of trouble with this letter. It took me weeks and weeks to get the drive to write it. I didn't want to sift through all my memories to find my favorite and then ask who gave it to me. But you know what? I don't have to. I know that I am always happiest when I'm with you. You work hard to make me happy and I work to make you happy too. Every time you tell me that you want to marry me, my heart flutters and skips a beat. You are romantic, but practical. You are a real-life Prince Charming, but you are sincere as well as suave.

There is a scene in the last Glee (yes, the Britney Spears one) where Rachel is worried that her boyfriend Finn is going to leave her for the cheerleaders she knows he can get if he wanted to without even trying. The girls are talking to him by his locker and she feels this sense of an impending breakup, but just as you start to worry about them, Finn looks up and sees Rachel standing by her locker and he gets the biggest, most beautiful smile on his face. He walks over to her and grabs her hand and they walk away together.

The only difference in this is that I am not worried that you will break up with me for someone else. Not even a little. It's not that I'm cocky, it's that I know that you can have any girl you want, but you chose me. I trust your decision, even though sometimes I feel that I don't deserve you. I know that no matter what I feel like, you're going to look at me in the eyes, smile, and take my hand because you love me. That's all there is.

So yes, even though it's vague and general and not very interesting, this letter goes to you for every second we spend together.

I love you.