Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 25: Letter To The Person You Know Is Going Through The Worst Of Times

Dear Yasi,
Look up, girl. You can see the sky from here. Even though you feel like it's a billion miles away, reach out your hands and try to grab it.

You are going through a lot. Your family isn't quite as understanding as you'd like, your boyfriend sometimes isn't either. You are a bit hard on yourself, but you always look to improve yourself. I love you, girl. You are strong and willful and wonderful. You are beautiful and talented and so openhearted I can't even begin to describe.

Because you are so sympathetic to people, I can imagine your feelings are a roller coaster all day, every day. I am proud of you for always keeping yourself together when you have to and always letting it out when you should. I know you think you don't have a right to be sad, but you have the exact same rights everyone else does. You aren't any less than anyone else. I mean it.

I know sometimes it seems that you won't be able to make it through this and that sometimes you feel like this funk will last forever. Don't lose hope. God knows your mother's heart. He knows your sister's and your father's heart, too. But you know what? He knows yours just as well. He knows that you want to be loved and cared for and that you want to love and care for others. He will grant you these things.

I am always here for you. I know it's hard now, but it will get better. :)

Praying for you.

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