Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 28: Letter to Someone Who Changed Your Life

Dear Doug and Susie,

Let me begin by thanking you again from the bottom of my heart for handing me this job in a time where jobs are harder to come by than apples on a cornstalk. You have blessed all of your employees with a great, fun job in which we can truly relate to each other as friends and coworkers. Thank you for hiring us even though most of us had no experience. Thank you for hiring us even though we all already know each other. Thank you for hiring us. Thank you.

You are such wonderful people. Your children are such fun to be around. As a sort-of member of your family for a year, I am so fond of all the kids. I love that you play with them and encourage them to be creative and problem solve.

Doug, you have provided me with so many opportunities for growth that I never would have had otherwise. You were the first to offer me a place on stage at church. You were the first to offer me a place to go if I ever needed it. You were the first to offer me a job. I am so grateful to have you in my life. God really did use you to change me.

Susie, you are a hero. 5 kids, a business, a house to clean, pets, church, bands, choirs, sports...I can literally continue this list for a great deal of time. I will never know how you manage to be cheerful and bright all the time after completing so many tasks each day. You made me feel comfortable in your home, dating your son. I never felt judged or worried of what you might think. I look up to you a lot as a mother--you are loving and caring, but strong and persistent in rearing your children.

You two have played a gigantic role in molding me (and the rest of the youth leaders and young adults in the area) into the person I am today. I appreciate you guys for all your hard work and big ideas.

Thank you again.

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